I am Kenya Melissa... but you can call me Melissa, or Kenya, as you prefer. :D jajá
I'm studying Laws but i'm an artist. :'D i love draw.
Yeah,so this is my blog about #LegendOfKorra, # TWD, #Marvel another crazy things #etc and my drawings/fan arts about this topics.
My english isn't good. I'm sorry for this shit xD

De todo un poco~ <3
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it’s kind of looked better in my head, you know… pick up lines..hehe

Bumi has probably learned his seducing skills from Sokka…..

imagine how hard it is to impress this girl. I mean… Zuko was hard to impress.. Mai.. I don’t even mention Mai… ahaha now imagine Honora. Almost not possible.

But not for Bumi.

Also, I think Zuko would be one of those super-overprotective fathers that are overreacting over everything. Already hard. BUT Zuko is Zuko, and he is the firelord.. He would probably be like that mother-turtleduck, but who happens to burn everything on her way, haha

And I had to ‘name’ Zuko’s daughter, and Honora is the only one best example I’ve seen on tumblr. I will probably be really disappointed if they called her differently, haha